Team Building and Incentives

The collective identity of your company is essential for the performance of your teams. A team with the best results. You want to unite, motivate and integrate employees... the Akara team advises you on team building activities and incentive days, adapted to your strategic objectives.

Our objective is to represent your collective message in the best possible way, by optimizing your event’s setting in Bordeaux and its surroundings.

Your goals, our expertise

Research and suggest rooms and activities

Budget Management

Coordination of entertainment

Research and manage service providers

Welcoming and transferring participants (station / airport)...

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What is the purpose of team building?

During a team building exercise, the company’s employees come together as a team to compete through leisure and sports activities.

The exceptional nature of the context fosters group cohesion by allowing everyone to develop their skills to achieve a common goal.

What is the purpose of an incentive day?


During an incentive day work flows are combined with fun activities.

This framework, outside the professional environment, makes it possible to strengthen ties between employees.

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Some examples of activities:

Extreme sensation activities: rafting, sea kayaking, tubing, piloting, races, parachute jumping...

Leisure activities: painting lessons, theatre, dance, creation of Zen gardens, Tai chi, thalassotherapy, walks, golf, hot air balloon flights...

Cultural activities: sightseeing tours, gastronomic rallies, wine tasting, cocktail creation, thematic quizzes...