Our commitments

Akara Travels opens the door to Bordeaux and its surrounding area.
We genuinely care, and here are 10 excellent reasons to entrust us with your travel arrangements.

Our in-depth knowledge of the region

The city of Bordeaux offers exclusive and sometimes confidential addresses. Our expertise is rooted in our capacity for finding new sites. This is how we maintain the attractiveness and quality of our services. Our location in Bordeaux means our knowledge of the area is second to none.

Tailor-made travel

Travelling is an experience in which elegance, charm and refinement should rub shoulders. Our services are exclusive and are designed to raise you above the commonplace. They are designed to meet your expectations. We invite you to design the experiences that will make your stay exceptional.

Turnkey solutions

We select addresses with quality criteria in mind: comfort, elegance, service and tranquility. Our team chooses the best accommodation, places to eat and places to go. We focus on the most minute details to offer you a range of all-inclusive services.

Quality partners

We work on a personal scale. We design services to meet your wishes and your aspirations.
We make available our network of contacts. It will open doors to confidential or even inaccessible sites.
Our added value also lies in the close relationship we have with each of them. Throughout the year we compile an address book that can meet all your requirements.

A French-speaking and international concierge

Our private concierge service frees you from constraints. At any time during your stay, your concierge will respond on the spot to all your requests.

Whether it is to modify your route during your trip or to deal with any problem you may have, we respond to your requests 24/7. Our experts are at your service to make this stay a memorable one!

A discreet and responsive team

Delivering an excellent service means being able to handle requests with uncompromising responsiveness, discretion and availability. This is our team philosophy. We adapt ourselves to your specific needs to ensure you have an exceptional experience.

Personalised travel planner

Prior to departure, you will receive a detailed travel plan in electronic format summarising the details of your stay and the services you have selected. You will also be given a document to help you prepare for your arrival, with practical information and an exclusive address book for your destination.

Chauffeur Service

Our agency offers an exclusive chauffeur-driven prestige car service.

At the beginning of your stay, we will organise your transfer by private chauffeur-driven car from the airport to your hotel. We will arrange your return in the same way. Peace of mind for arrival and departure.

Payment facilities

We have put in place several payment options. You can choose to pay by card, cheque or bank transfer. Alternatively, you can take advantage of online payment via our secure platform.


We give you the direct email of the agency manager, who is familiar with your file and ready to intervene if necessary. During your stay, a telephone line is dedicated to you.

Our on-site French-speaking and international teams are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your advisor and specific answers to meet all your expectations are there at the other end of the telephone.