Bordeaux, the Sleeping Beauty

Epicentre of the whole area, and the capital of the region of Aquitaine, only 60 kilometres from the sea, nestling around the River Garonne, Bordeaux has managed to conserve its theatrical style, and aura of discretion, as well as it haughty pride, which is often disdainful of the capital.


Bordeaux owes its prosperity and importance to its vines and its port. Its glorious past has left its traces on the fabric of the town, as well as its spirit. The city is a perfect jewel of dressed, embossed and carved stone buildings in the grand 18th century style, like the Stock Exchange, Grand Theatre and Place Royale…But you will also find narrow medieval streets and older, less decorative, working class areas.

Once you have enjoyed the surprise of the buildings in the Chartrons, like the Allée de Tourny and the Allée du Grand Théâtre, in brief the Bordeaux of Louis XV, you can wander through the alleyways of St Michel and find a more varied and every day or party in the renovated industrial buildings in the port area. Try the other bank of the river to get a different view of a town that is constantly changing.