Luxury Bordeaux Collection


An exclusive, private
experience for wine lovers

Explore 12 of Bordeaux's best Grands Crus Classés through private visits and tastings which will give you an exceptional experience. By being offered access to these unique places you will become a member of a limited club, the Business Club Collection.

With us you'll have the keys to
some inaccessible estates

Our team of experts has created the "Bordeaux Privilège Collection", a range of luxurious services which will open the doors to 12 of Bordeaux's Grands Crus Classés.
The keys to 12 grands classés estates



A luxurious break, French style

Appreciate the beauty of an area that is a UNESCO world heritage site while making the most of our prestigious contacts that will help you experience that very French art of living luxuriously, a mixture of tradition, savoir faire and elegance.